Monday 3 August 2020


Haven't posted anything in ages, all the lockdown inactivity had me quite down. Getting out again feels weird, never sure what kind of reception I'll get. So far it has been good, maybe there's less of the stay away mentality than the press would have us believe.

I've been cycling quite a bit, some quite long day rides up to 80km (50 miles). I'd hoped to do a small tour around the Cowal Peninsular but the week I had off work for it, it rained all the time.

I've also got a new camera a GoPro, the video above is my first attempt. The sound wasn't a great success, couldn't hear anything I said due to the wind noise. I've put some music over it to drown out the racket. Now I'm not sure which is worse, the wind noise or the music.     

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