Sunday, 19 July 2009

Back on the Road again.

Not been out on the water this weekend as I've been finishing off my new hatch; I had a few problems with it but it's all done now. I'll leave it a few days to really set hard before taking it out on the water again.

On Friday I did a shift, the first days work for five months. I've also got myself another car. It's only an old banger but should keep me mobile for a bit. So if you see a red Astra with an orange Anas Acuta or a green Old Town Pack on top, give me a wave.
Kayak sorted, car sorted, hopefully work sorted so money coming in again, life's looking up after being down in the dumps for a while.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Loch Tay.

Whilst the fibre glass resin is still green I can't use the Anas Acuta. So, today I continued my re-learning of the open canoe. My friend Ray is an old hand at this game, so he took Alex (AKA Eck) in his Old Town Charles River while I paddled the Pack solo. Eck has paddled sea kayaks for years but this was his first time in an open canoe. He seemed impressed by how agile such a large boat could be when handled rightly.

Ray, stopped for a blather on the banks of Loch Tay.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Filling the hole.

The bulkhead is now fitted; I very nearly did myself it glassing it into place. Lets just say that crawling in through an ocean cockpit to work it the resin wasn't clever. I was tasting styrene for days after. Yesterday I glued and bolted the disc into place and today I've started filling the gap.

The disc in place.
The back of the gap is filled with modeling clay.

The first layer of filler, it was too runny to do it in one go.