Saturday, 11 June 2011

Last day.

Monday 6th June.
Nothing much to do but head home. Here are some more photo's from Canna.

Waiting for the ferry.

Here's a link to Crofty's video


Sunday 5th June.
Dawned misty and cold, not sure what to expect. (Ray rang home from the phonebox, remember them?) His wife looked at three weather websites they all said widely different things. Decided to paddle around Sanday the smaller neighbour to Canna. As we set off the weather improved. Out in the sound was a dive boat, her skipper gave us a good forcast. We decided to split the party as some wanted to go over to Kilmory Bay on Rum. I've been there a few times but haven't been around Sanday. Four went to Rum whilst three of us stayed on Sanday, Nick had already taken himself off for a walk. The South side of Sanday is fantastic, load of caves skerries and at the western end a blow hole. Crofty tried to film me paddling into the spray. The tide was out, so the channel under the birdge that connects Sanday to Canna was dry. We left the kayaks on a beach and went for a walk.
RHIB for sale, one careless owner.

Pirate ship.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Saturday 4th June.
A cold north wind got up during the evening, overnight it shock the tent hard. Would we be able to paddle? Ray was due on the morning ferry, it got in at 10.00. Half an hour later we were on our way. We went clockwise, doing the sheltered south coast first, very quickly we were poking our noses into caves and dodging around every rock in sight. By the skerry of An Steidh at the western end of the island we regrouped. This marked the start of the very prominant underwater reef. What would the north coast be like? Would it be too rough? What was the wind doing? We'd go as far as Garrisdale Point and see. We shot a gap between the main island and a skerry and out onto the north coast. It was ok.

At the rased beach of Conagearaidh we took a short break before hitting the main high cliffs. Lots of clapotis. It was hard to look for long at the sea birds as the sea was so lively. By the stack of Lorcail a White Tailed Sea Eagle was locked in deadly combat with a Peregrine Falcon. At first the smaller more agile falcon had the upper hand. Then the eagle did a barrel roll and faced the peregrine eye ball to eye ball, beak slassing. I nearly capsized I was craning my neck so much. Who won? No idea, they were still at it the next day.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Return to Canna.

Friday 3rd June 2011,
How can 150 miles take over four hours? I thought I'd left home with plenty of time, but it was 12.15 as I skidded into Mallaig. A tour bus blocked my way into the calmac ferry terminal. I shot into the seamans mission loading bay. Like a man possessed I stuffed dry bags into my kayak, my mobile rang, it's Anne, "where are you, I can't see you".
The others show up and take Anne's kayak away. I heave mine up onto my trolly, the tyre blows, I swear.
"We'll take it, you park your car."
I shoot off. The long stay car park is chock-a-block. I'm driving around like a maniac. I find a space at the other end of the bay, just about as far from the ferry as I can get. I'm running, jesus I'm unfit. I burst into the ticket office, just what they made of this short, fat, boldy guy, sweating and wheezing I can't inagine.
"Canna please coming back on Monday."
"£21.05 please, I'll radio ahead and tell them your coming."
12.40 I run down the ramp as it closes behind me.

Two and a half hours later our ferry - the MV Lochnevis arrives on Canna. The seven of us, now a little more compossed, disembark. Three trolly and four paddle around to the village campsite.

Some go for a paddle, some for a walk, we all end up at the Gille Brighde for some local beer.