Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Slowly but surely the sun returns, days are getting longer, the weather getting warmer, people are coming out of hibernatation and starting paddling again. Last sunday we had a really nice paddle from Dunbar to Skateraw Harbour and back followed by exploring the old harbour at Dunbar. There was quite a swell out on the coast one really big one very nearly got me. Had to make a quick left turn and sprinted over it just as it broke. Dunbar Harbour.
Paddling into the harbour, it was quite hard to find the way in you almost had to go passed it and approach from the landward side.

Millport beach.

The weekend before a large group from FSKC visited the Cumbrae Isles in the Firth a Clyde. The weather didn't too good as we arrived but soon cleared. We did have a small squall as we crossed to Little Cumbrae so we didn't do that one this time.

Things are beginning to pick up now the days are getting longer. I've been out on my bike for the first time in ages and I've also been doing some hill walking. Next week the mid week evening paddling starts again.