Tuesday, 8 November 2011

More photo's

More photo's here.

Night Paddle.

Every year the Fife club go to Loch Lomond for some night orienteering around the islands at the southern end of the Loch. This year was a cold, clear and still night, it was great for paddling. Didn't do quite so well at the orienteering this year but who cares. Afterwards we had a barr-be and a few drinks. On Sunday we went round again and picked up the markers, this time in thick mist. Even at night when paddling on a bearing you can usually find some reference points to help you stay on course. In the thick mist we had no such references, trying to stay on bearing is really hard without them. However, we all made it across a 3km crossing and were only 25m out.
An air photo of Loch Lomond, taken from a microlight, at the time we were paddling on Sunday.
Wanted dead or alive!

Setting off.