Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The year so far.

I've just been trying to publish some photo's but Blogger doesn't seem to want to take them, not sure why. Oh well they weren't very good anyway.

Been out paddling four times since christmas, I didn't think Ray would be out till spring, following his heart attack on Boxing day. He had a stint fitted and is fighting fit again he has been out on all four trips. We had a very windy trip to the south end of Loch Lomond. An almost spring like trip form Dunstaffnage Bay to Kerrera, ending with a little play in the dieing ebb out of the falls of Lora. A really Baltic paddle on the Forth. There were four groups out that day. Some friends arrived late, we had already set off, they tried to find us and managed to find the other three groups, but not us. On Sunday we paddled seven miles down Loch Long form Arrochar to Mark's Bothy and back, not bad for someone still convalescing. We also had a pool session on Saturday at Cardenden with the sea boats. There's an old chap, a pensioner, who's been trying to learn to roll for about five years, on Saturday he finally did his first roll, nice one Davey.

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