Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gigha Megatrip.

Last year I organized a trip to the Isle of Gigha, it was a really laid back chilled out trip for the five of us that made it. So this year I put another trip in the club calendar. I was somewhat taken aback when at one time over twenty club members wanted to come. In the end seventeen paddlers arrived at the Gigha boathouse campsite in three waves. One friday afternoon, one friday night and some on saturday morning. Once the tents were up we set off for a circumnavagation of Gigha and Cara. Sunday was quite windy, steady force 4 with gusts of force 6. We'd be paddling down wind but as the group was one of very mixed ability we took the ferry back.

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  1. Hi Owen, I love Gigha too! I think you were very responsible to use the official campsite with a group that size. I arrived at an Arisaig wild camping spot to find a commercial party of 14 + tipi, we decided to finish a day early and paddled on back to where we had left the car.