Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mixing it up.

Spent Saturday paddling down the Sound of Jura and out to the MacCormaig Isles. We somehow managed to stay dry whilst all around us were some really heavy downpours. After our visit to the Isles we turned up Loch Sween before stopping for a coffee opposite the castle and caravan site. There was a seal in the bay, a male. He had something it his flippers. At first we thought it was a seagull, then a plastic bag, but better quality field glasses confirmed it to be some kind of flat fish, a skate or something similar. (We've since consulted an expert who said it was probably a Thorn-back Ray). The seal was tearing off a chunk of flesh to eat then diving down to retrieve the ray for another bite. Then on the Sunday we paddled around the Fairy Isles where we came across an Osprey on it's nest and a Mink having a bad day. First it was beaten up by a huge raptor then just as it found somewhere to hide seven kayakers came around and scared the life out of it.

The MacCormaig Isles (from a previous trip).

These past few weekends I've been trying to mix hill walking and paddling a bit more, the aim is to get a bit fitter.So I've been out on Ben Lawers a few times on my own and with my brother Pete and his wife Ro. I've even managed to climb Curved ridge on Buachille Etive Mor.
 On Buachille Etive Mor summit.

Pete & Ro with Cassy and Billy on Ben Lawers.

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