Saturday, 28 January 2017

Waiting for the snow.

A slow start to the season, it's just been far too mild so far.

 This was on New Years Day at Badaguish but the snow only lasted a few hours.
 Two weekends ago we had a bit of a dump, most of the snow was blown off the summits and landed down in the valley. I had a good day XC skiing in Glenmore forest with friends, the next day it poured with rain and washed all the snow away but it was good while it lasted.  

 Another photo from New Year Pam on Meall a Bhuachaille.
I had tentative plans to walk to Ben Avon and camp this weekend but it's blowing a gale, hopefully the start of something good. If conditions become good enough I'd like to do this trip as a ski tour, maybe even bivi in a snow hole. That would be good.

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