Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What I'm taking to Sarek.

This is not something I'd normally blog about but I was asked by someone on one of the forums what I take on my long walks so I thought I'd do something on my kit. This is what goes in my pack on top of what I'd normally wear. 

 Food, this is 15 main meals and 15 breakfasts I still need to get 15 mid-day snacks, I normally take flap-jacks/granola bars for this.
 My waterproofs,  a gore-tex Firefox jacket by Mountain equipment, 272g has been very waterproof so far. The trousers are Rainfall pants again by Mountain equipment made of Drilite, 300g, they have full length side zips so I can get them on over my boots, something I regard as essential.
 Extra cloths, a Rab Xenon jacket 323g, primaloft filled so it doesn't matter if it get a bit wet. A change of tee-shirt and pants, knee length long-johns could be either underwear or sleep wear. Three pairs of sock, fleece gloves and hat and a Tilly hat for keeping the sun/rain off me.
Some miscellaneous bits, My solar panel for charging my Inreach tracker (the yellow thing) and my phone which isn't on the photo. Map and compass, I have viewranger on the phone which I use as a GPS if required. A headtorch and first aid kit. My camera a Canon Powershot SX420 IS and a couple of spare batteries (their not compatible with the solar panel but only weigh a few grams each) and a very small ultra-pod mini tripod. A canister of Smidge a non deet midge spray and a headnet. A small swiss army knife, sun glasses and a tube of sun cream. a mini sawyer water filter, a two pin electrical adapter (only for Sweden) and a very small repair kit - spinnaker tape, glue and a few patches, needle and thread.    
 Kitchen kit, A gas cooker (minus the gas which I'll need to buy once in Sweden) a 0.5lt mug and a 0.5lt pan, the rolled up thing at the back is a foil windshield, a long handled spoon and a small tea spoon, a lighter and a box of matches in a plastic bag. A llt platypus hoser for drinking water while walking and a 2lt platypus water bladder for use in camp, I should have two of these for use with the sawyer filter, one for unfiltered water and one for filtered.
Wash kit, A folding tooth brush and a small tube of tooth paste, travel towel rolled up at the back. A razor and shave gel (not strictly essential but I really dislike having an itchy chin). The blue round thing is a folding bowl. Not shown is a roll of toilet paper and hand gel and a small block of soap but I think you know what they look like.  
My Rab Ascent 300 sleeping bag, good down to just under freezing and at 912g not too heavy. A Tarptent Notch single person tent very light at 915g uses trekking poles (not shown) as it's main support. A Therm-a-rest Neo Air lite sleeping mat 225g  
My Lightwave Ultra hike 60 pack, not too heavy at 1200g but more comfortable when carrying a heavy load than some of the ultralite frameless packs. A clip on mesh Exped "Flash pocket" useful for stuffing wet kit into and the blue thing is a pack rain cover - not strictly necessary but I like them. One item I've mist out is my pair of inov8 trail shoes that I'll be taking for changing into at the end of the day and when crossing Sarek's many rivers.  That's about it.

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