Saturday, 9 September 2017

Just a quick overnight.

I came back from Sweden on a bit of a high only to go back to work and landed with a bang. So I decided to go up to the Cairngorms for an overnight camping trip to cheer myself up.
 I drove up to Achlean farm at the end of the Glen Feshie road and headed up the path to Carn Ban Mor.
 Lots of fungi growing along the path.
 Looking back to Glen Feshie.
 From Carn Ban Mor I crossed the Moine Mhor to Loch nan Cnapan, This is looking back with Sgor Gaoith on the left and Braeriach on the right. 
From the Loch I went over Tom Dubh and onto Monadh Mor. Looking across to Sgor an Lochain Uaine and Cairn Toul. 
Looking down into Glen Geusachan. 
 The summit of Monadh Mor with Beinn Bhrotian behind.
The down and up again between Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain. 
 The summit of Beinn Bhrotain.
I camped on the way back on the banks of Allt Luineag. By way of an experiment I was trying out this beer can stove by Trail Designs, it did work but took quite a lot of time and was very fiddly to get the amount of meths right. There's no way of putting it out once lit so you either don't use enough or end up burning off fuel which you didn't really need. I can't say it was a very successful experiment.   
My bed for the night. 
It got quite windy in the night and the tent flapped quite a bit, this wasn't very restful. Apparently the wind hit 60mph at the automatic weather station on Cairngorm summit only 12km away. It was still very windy in the morning so I just wandered back to the car and home.

I've been playing around with the layout of the blog to try and make it a bit easier to read, I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.  

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  1. Sometimes those off the cuff overnighters are the best ones Owen, and you certainly had a good first day by the look of it. Nothing beats those big skies as far as I'm concerned! Interesting point about the meths stove - think I'll stick with my gas set-up...

    I like the new layout for your blog, and it gives your images plenty of space too

    Kind Regards