Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Return to Canna.

Friday 3rd June 2011,
How can 150 miles take over four hours? I thought I'd left home with plenty of time, but it was 12.15 as I skidded into Mallaig. A tour bus blocked my way into the calmac ferry terminal. I shot into the seamans mission loading bay. Like a man possessed I stuffed dry bags into my kayak, my mobile rang, it's Anne, "where are you, I can't see you".
The others show up and take Anne's kayak away. I heave mine up onto my trolly, the tyre blows, I swear.
"We'll take it, you park your car."
I shoot off. The long stay car park is chock-a-block. I'm driving around like a maniac. I find a space at the other end of the bay, just about as far from the ferry as I can get. I'm running, jesus I'm unfit. I burst into the ticket office, just what they made of this short, fat, boldy guy, sweating and wheezing I can't inagine.
"Canna please coming back on Monday."
"£21.05 please, I'll radio ahead and tell them your coming."
12.40 I run down the ramp as it closes behind me.

Two and a half hours later our ferry - the MV Lochnevis arrives on Canna. The seven of us, now a little more compossed, disembark. Three trolly and four paddle around to the village campsite.

Some go for a paddle, some for a walk, we all end up at the Gille Brighde for some local beer.

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