Thursday, 9 June 2011


Saturday 4th June.
A cold north wind got up during the evening, overnight it shock the tent hard. Would we be able to paddle? Ray was due on the morning ferry, it got in at 10.00. Half an hour later we were on our way. We went clockwise, doing the sheltered south coast first, very quickly we were poking our noses into caves and dodging around every rock in sight. By the skerry of An Steidh at the western end of the island we regrouped. This marked the start of the very prominant underwater reef. What would the north coast be like? Would it be too rough? What was the wind doing? We'd go as far as Garrisdale Point and see. We shot a gap between the main island and a skerry and out onto the north coast. It was ok.

At the rased beach of Conagearaidh we took a short break before hitting the main high cliffs. Lots of clapotis. It was hard to look for long at the sea birds as the sea was so lively. By the stack of Lorcail a White Tailed Sea Eagle was locked in deadly combat with a Peregrine Falcon. At first the smaller more agile falcon had the upper hand. Then the eagle did a barrel roll and faced the peregrine eye ball to eye ball, beak slassing. I nearly capsized I was craning my neck so much. Who won? No idea, they were still at it the next day.

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