Tuesday, 23 July 2019

New Toy!

Since I got back from my backpacking trip in the Cairngorms I've gotten into cycling. At first as exercise for my knee but now I'm really enjoying it. My old bike is one I'd got cheap when Raleigh closed their factory in Nottingham, I think I paid about £100 for it. It's painted to look like a Team Raleigh Banana Bike, but it's not at all high spec even for the 1980's when I brought it. The other night I went out and buckled the front wheel, several other things have gone on it as well. I've been reading about this Ladies adventures in the Finnish Forest. https://livingthislifeoutloudblog.wordpress.com/  Really inspiring stuff. She uses a bike made in Sheffield by a company called Orbit. I've just got one in "Hot Red" looks good.  

It came yesterday in a big box, I put it together and went for a short ride. It feels very smooth and surprisingly comfortable after my old bone shaker. I still need to adjust a few things, the front brake rubs for a start. 
I've done backpacking and kayak camping as well as just camping for most of my life, so cycle camping is just another angle.  

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  1. Tht bike looks as if it will accommodate a lot of adventures Owen - carpe every single diem!

    Kind regards